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E-mail: zenia@upnmed.com

Tell: 86-755-29728789


Cell/WhatsApp: 0086-13825225296

Add: 4F, Building #1 East, Huihuang Industrial Estate, Xitian, Gongming Town, Shenzhen 518107, P.R.China

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Declaration & Terms

All registered trademark and brand style mentioned in this information is always belonging to original made possessor.

We only cite for machine compatibility use no any other purpose exist.This is only for reference use,please do not take it as working guidance.Otherwise,we'll not be responsible for any possible cost.Many thanks for your kind understanding in advance.

Ordering Process

Step1: By Email: Please send inquiry with specifying of what products you need to our mailbox: zenia@upnmed.com & zenia@upnmed.cn .

By Phone: Call us at +86-755-29728789 during our business time of 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM (China Time / UTC+8)

Monday to Friday,or call us at: +86-13543302450(24 hours).

Step 2: We’ll offer our quotation and make a Proforma Invoice to you urgently according to your inquiry.

Step 3: After the Proforma Invoice are confirmed by both of us,then you can make the payment.

Step 4: We’ll arrange the production after payment done and arrange the shipment,the tracking no. will be informed as well.

Step 5: You will receive your products as the confirmed days,please inform us when you received the shipment and send us your feedback or comments.

An enjoyable cooperation is completed.

Bank Account

1. Telegraphic Transfer (TT)

Option 1:

Beneficiary Name:  UPNMED LTD

Beneficiary Bank: HSBC Hong Kong

Account No.: 053 523379 838


Bank Address: 1 Queen’s Road Central,Hong Kong

Option 2:

Beneficiary Name: Shenzhen Upnmed Equipment Co.,Ltd
Beneficiary Bank: Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank China
Account No.: 000 138 322 880
Swift code: SRCCCNBS
Bank Address: Cooperative finance Bldg.,No3038,Shennan,Rd,E,Shenzhen.

2. Paypal

We need to negotiation if the amount of an order is more than $500. We should add $35 as the commission for each order if you would like to send payment by Paypal.

Legal Paypal Account: info@upnmed.com.

3. Western Union

Please confirm the Western Union with our sales.



The shipping charge should be paid in advance if you do not have a shipping account or forwarder.

To be UpnMed Regional Distributor

Condition & Requirements:

1. More than one year cooperation experiences with each other is required.

2. The Mini Quality and sale should be specified.

3. Cash deposit is in need.

4. Certificates should be offered.

5. Monthly Statements,Payment after delivery.

Please mail zenia@upnmed.com for details if you would like to be one of our regional distributor in your market.