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Nihon Kohden NIBP cuff,2m.U505-1E
1. MOQ:1pcs
2. Lenght:2m(sure,for tube length can according to your requirements)
3.Use:Connect patient monitor and nibp cuff

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  • Nihon Kohden NIBP cuff,2m.U505-1E

    Sure,for tube length also can according to your requirements

    Compatible model:

    Life Scope OPV 1500K, BSM-2351A, BSM-4102, BSM-4102A, Life Scope TR,

    BSM-6000 series, BSM-6301K, BSM-6501K, BSM-6701K, Life Scope J, BSM-9101, PVM-2701

    If you're interested in this item,please contact us:

    E-mail: user02@upntech.com


    WhatsApp: 0086-13543302450

    Skype: janezhang6698

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      2. M1599B/M1598B Philips NIBP hose,single tube. U504-2A


      3. Datex Ohmeda Blood Pressure tube,U506-1A


      4. GE Marquette NIBP Hose,U502-1A


      5. GE PRO1000 blood pressure tube,U502-2A


      6. GE Critikon NIBP tube U533-1C


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