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E-mail: zenia@upnmed.com

Tell: 86-755-29728789


Cell/WhatsApp: 0086-13825225296

Add: 4F, Building #1 East, Huihuang Industrial Estate, Xitian, Gongming Town, Shenzhen 518107, P.R.China

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About us

UPNMED Development History

2017 September, UpnMed moves to a new address to meet the development requirements.

May, 2016, Upnmed got TUV ISO13485. 

May,2016, Upnmed Reusable SpO2 Sensor got TUV CE0197 which verified by TUV Rheinland.

January,2015, Upnmed got ''The Pulse Oxygen Saturation Sensor Registration Certificate'' issued by ''Guangdong Food and Drug Administration''.

October,2014, Set up ''UpnMed Ltd'',concentrated on the demands from global market.

September,2014, Our factory got the ''ISO 13485 Quality Management Systems certificate'' which verified by NQA.

July,2014, Upnmed Acquisition ''LifeMed Ltd'' successfully.

December,2013, UpnMed Performance growing fast,sales department moves to a new 500 square meter office where near factory,at the mean time,we expand and decorate our factory to meet our growing orders.

Octorber,2013, UpnMed got ''Medical Equipment Business License'',expand the scale of product types and start to agent importing Medical Accessories for Ultrasound,Medical high-frequency equipment,Patient Monitor,Respirator,Anethesia machine,Clinical Laboratory Analysis Equipment,Operating/Emergency/Surgery medical supplies and so on.

December,2012, UpnMed develop a new type of Fingertip Pulse Oximeter sucessfully.

July,2012, UpnMed got CE Certificate for our ''Disposable Spo2 Sensor'' and ''Disposable NIBP cuffs''.

2011, ''HK Upnmed Technology Co.,Ltd'' was built,and set up the first Overseas Sales Department.

2010, UpnMed got CE certificates for our ''SpO2 Sensor Cable'' and ''ECG cable''.

2009, UpnMed obtained the ''Registration Certificates of Products'' for ''Spo2 Sensor Cable'' and ''ECG cable''.

2008, UpnMed got the ''Medical Equipment Production License'' and built a 1000 square meter factory,focus on manufacturing Medical Accessories of ECG Cable,EKG Cable,SpO2 Sensor,NIBP Cuff,Temperature probe...

2007, Shenzhen Upnmed Equipment Co.,Ltd was built in Shenzhen of China.